“Ensuring financial services are available to the citizens of Alabama in the event of natural or unnatural disaster or event while ensuring the safety and well being of financial institution staff and families."

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The Alabama Recovery Coalition for the Financial Sector is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the resiliency and availability of Alabama's financial community by:

  • Establishing an alliance with local EMA offices and other public agencies of state and local government which have emergency preparedness responsibilities for exchange of ideas and resources in order to act more quickly following a disaster or an event effecting financial services; and
  • Addressing homeland security issues which require a collective response on the part of Alabama's financial institutions to provide financial services;
  • Protecting the people working in the Alabama financial community while they safeguard their families;
  • Making certain the public sector is aware of the importance placed on financial services availability by Alabama's financial community.


Since inception of the Coalition on June 1, 2006, over 100 banks in the State of Alabama have come together to form an alliance in communication planning, credential access to a disaster area at time of an event as well as working closely with the Emergency Management Association and the regulatory agencies. 

The following are highlights of accomplishments thus far:

  • Established a Credential badge approved by the State Emergency Management Association. Over 1,500 badges have been printed for participant banks in the event of an emergency.
  • The Coalition has a seat on both the State and Jefferson County EOC.
  • A Communication database has been created for contact and assistance in the event of a disaster in a region of the state.
  • The State has been divided into regions for effective communication and coordination.
  • A website has been created for communication and access to detailed information.
  • Coalition has been formed as a non-profit 501 (c) corporation.
  • Coalition is part of the national Regional Partnership Council for Emergency Preparedness by the Financial Sector.
  • There are currently 127 banks with 203 representatives in the State of Alabama participating in the Coalition.